Meet the Candidate

Hannah S. Stout

Hannah Suzanne Stout was born and raised in the bluegrass hills of Kentucky. For most of her life she thought she wanted to be a teacher. After she realized the only reason she wanted to be an educator was to design the bulletin boards and worksheets, she changed her occupational goals.

Early Life

Growing up as the oldest of five children, Hannah has often sought out leadership roles. Her siblings were unwilling test subjects in many of her creative outlets. They involuntarily participated in plays, nature hikes, scavenger hunts, creek fishing, historical reenactments, art school, and various spin-offs of the game “capture the flag.” This spirit of leadership and innovation lent Hannah the confidence and ability to take creative initiative in almost any environment.

Graphic Design Career

Hannah graduated from Miami University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 2011. While in school, Hannah was able to pursue her two loves: graphic design and outdoor adventures. She spent a summer as a camp counselor in Colorado where she led children on hikes up the continental divide and taught them how to survive in the wild. During her academic career she served as an intern for Huffy Bicycles and LPK, a design firm in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Upon graduation Hannah took a job at BrandingGround, a design and marketing agency in Mason, Ohio. She enjoyed the ability to work on numerous projects at a time, collaborate with other designers, and find creative solutions for client concerns.

After moving to Park City, Utah, Hannah started working at Oozle Media, where she continued to develop as a creative and provide clients with websites, infographics, social media experiences and more.

Hannah then moved on to Hoodoo Digital where she served as a design leader in the world of user experience and user interface design. She has worked with large enterprise clients like Adobe, Cisco, Walmart, ad IHG, as well as taking on internal marketing initiatives and branding efforts.

Most recently, Hannah has been working at Rightpoint, a global agency with projects in every realm of design. She leads a team of designers and has been able to work with many departments across the organization.

With over ten years of UX and visual design expertise acquired in dynamic agency settings, along with tested leadership skills and an innate affinity for connecting with people, Hannah is able to inject fresh creativity and boundless energy into multiple teams across many disciplines.